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Portable Appliance Testing

logo.jpgThomas Kenny and Co Ltd is a fully qualified Portable Appliance Testing Company. We deliver a professional and cost effective PAT testing service with full data management and stored results.


Portable appliance testing is a periodic in-service electrical safety inspection and test to ensure that the electrical safety of the appliance is not compromised while the equipment is in service.

2005 Safety Health And welfare at work act 2005 -The regulations state that it shall be the duty of the employers to take the measures necessary to ensure that throughout its working like work equipment is kept, by means of adequate maintenance, at a level such that it complies with the minimum requirements.

Records created for electrical equipment may include

  • An audit, where necessary of electrical equipment
  • The results of inspection and tests carried out
  • The register of work under taken on such equipment
  • Details of equipment removed from the workspace as a result of faults arising during service


Pat Testing - Proceedure

  • Preliminary Visual inspection - Visually checking the appliance for safety of the plug, fuse, wiring cable and protective case of the appliance.
  • Earth Bond Testing - The safety of certain appliances depends upon a connection with the earth for its safety .A test is carried out using electrical test equipment to ensure a safe earth is present in the appliance .
  • Insulation - A test is carried out using electrical test equipment to ensure the insulation resistance in the appliance is at a safe level .
  • Load and Earth Leakage - test is carried out to monitor the current flow through the earth lead of the appliance. This test is of particular value when an appliance incorporates a number of sequences, which may change the electrical characteristics of the appliance during its operation.
  • Flash Test A test is carried out to measure the insulation of an appliance if a very high test voltage is applied to it.
  • Functional Check A test is carried out to ensure the appliance is working correctly

Completion Cert

On completion of the PAT test, a hardcopy of the detailed test results and a summary report per site will be issued.

Equipment Used
PAT4DV/3 and PAT4DVF/3
Portable Appliance Tester