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Fire Alarms Systems

accessories.jpgTK Alarms offer a wide range of detection systems and also automatic extinguishing systems.

The ideal Fire Alarm must give the earliest possible warning of a fire, but otherwise give no false alarms, and yet be easy to use, discrete in appearance and provide the user with peace of mind over many years.

25 Years Experience

TK Alarms are experienced in designing fire alarms which will give the right balance between early detection,
adequate coverage at a realistic price .. To achieve this ideal, TK Alarms provides a comprehensive range of fire detection devices, correctly placed to give the best form of detection, combined with discrete appearance. The peace of mind comes from having a system professionally designed and commissioned with experienced service engineers on call 24 hours a day, to speedily handle any fault or problem. All our Alarms comply with I.S 3218:2009


What is I.S. 3218?

The full name of this Irish Standard explains its precise purpose: I.S. 3218:2009 Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems for Buildings - System Design, Installation, Servicing and Maintenance

Under the registration scheme, NSAI inspectors assess the operations and procedures carried out by commissioners and certifiers of fire alarm systems.


TK Alarms - Fire Alarm Systems

  • We use a variety of highly regarded control panels which are chosen to meet the requirement of the client.
    These vary from a simple one or two zone system to a large multi zone addressable system for large multi story buildings
  • Manual call points are usually required at entrances/ exits and can be fitted with protective covers to prevent accidental activation.
  • Detectors - smoke and heat types and the exclusive CO carbon monoxide detector
  • Sounders - variety of sirens and address systems to notify of fire alarms
  • All fire alarms should be monitored on a 24 hour basis to give maximum protection to life and property. For commercial premises your alarms must be monitored and certified to comply with your Insurance.
  • Your Fire alarm system can be linked to your Intruder alarm system so as it can be easily monitored by the one monitoring station and easily maintained on an annual basis by ourselves.

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