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Personal Alarms


What is a Monitored Personal Alarm

Instant Emergency help at the touch of a button.

This is a personal security system that communicates via your telephone line, which helps all kinds of people of all ages to live independently in their own homes

  • Older Persons
  • Sick
  • Incapacitated
  • People working alone

Directly linked to the telephone line, the YANA terminal allows its users to call and speak hands-free to our Monitoring Facility operators to get either help or services at any time. Calls are triggered simply by pressing the pushbutton fixed or portable. The dialogue then starts immediately with the operator through the hands-free intercom device.

To Activate the system

Step 1 - Press the emergency button on your pendant or base unit.
Your Pendant is a radio alarm transmitter and will trigger a call to the Emergency Response Centre within seconds and will work from anywhere in your home or garden*
Step 2 - The Emergency Response Centre will respond in seconds.
Our operators are waiting to help, even if you can't speak, they will know who is calling.
Step 3 - The appropriate help will be arranged for you.

Your chosen key holders will be their first port of call, but if for any reason they cannot be reached, or whether it would be more appropriate (for example, if you need an ambulance), help will be arranged and the Response Centre will stay on line until you are in safe hands.

Our operators are there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


We Offer a choice of fixed and portable triggers, thus satisfying users in any circumstances

  • Pendants
  • Wristbands or Clips. Ergonomic, lightweight(25g)
  • Waterproof pushbuttons are specially designed to avoid unwanted activations.
  • They are fitted with an emitting light and a lithium battery ensuring an operating time of 3 to 5 years depending upon trigger type.

European Certification
European standard regarding Social Alarm (EN 50-134)

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