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Access Control

logo_act.gifIt is becoming increasingly important for organisations to proactively manage the movement of people across different environments. Whether you need to restrict access to sensitive areas within the workplace, regulate the flow of people across a site, or secure entrance to your home – TK Alarms can help you to get the best performance out of your access control and visitor management solutions.

cat_16_actpro_cutout_small.jpgAs access control and visitor management systems have become increasingly sophisticated, we have amassed a wealth of skills and experience in the design, commissioning and installation of fully integrated solutions. Through partnerships with some of the world’s leading access control vendors, we help our customers to take advantage of the best available technologies.

TK Alarms provide access control solutions ranging from single door units to multi door systems that can be spread out over an IP based controller.

cat_53_actsmart_cutout_small.jpgFor you the customer, this means that you can

  • restrict entry on a vulnerable door on a small premises
  • track staff activity over a series of sites, nationwide
  • record which individuals access certain areas of your premises
  • log the date and time of their movements
  • eliminate the loss or duplication of keys
  • door automation , locking doors or releasing doors in the event of a fire alarm


  • Access control solutions for standalone doors from digital keypads to proximity readers
  • Highly flexible access control system for small to medium-sized enterprises
  • Card access control system, designed to facilitate the most demanding requirements for any size of enterprise
  • Audio Door Entry Systems

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For more information please see:

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